The Dutch organisation Open Nederland organised a masterclass for cultural heritage institutions about identifying works that will be in the public domain form Januari 2020. Over 30 participants attended. The first part of the event was an introduction to copyright, related rights and all other rights that might prevent a work of becoming public domain. Next was a presentation on Creative Commons licenses and right statements that can be used to ensure visitors of their collections that an item has been checked as public domain. Their new knowledge was put to the test in the final part of the event: in small groups they did exercises to determine the public domain date of a few videos. The form below was used for this exercise.

A follow up will be organised later this year. The main topic will then be how to make public domain material available for reuse. For example: how to upload large collections to Wikimedia Commons, what other platforms are advised to use, like Flickr, Soundcloud, The Internet Archive, etc.